There are very few people that I trust with my brand. I knew I could count on things to be done right with or without my presence.
— Reshanda Seymour, The Perfect Bartender
....such an amazing attribute towards the success of our company. Things ran very smooth. It is hard to find good people that work well under pressure.
— Dr. Jeffrey Semel, Semes Inc.
Navigating between family in Orlando, school in Chicago and business in Atlanta my days are busy and demanding. Admist all the chaos, The Aurum Connection brings it all together for me. With their professional personal assistant services, affording solid performance and sound results, they get the job done. Their hard work is invaluable.
— Cyrus Ellison, Tax City
I feel she is a natural born leader, composed and collected with her interactions with clients at all times. She provides exceptional customer service while wearing a genuine smile. And she never makes a promise to a client that she could never keep.
— Nancy Whitfield McAllister
Being accompanied to out of town shows has truly been a great experience. I have requested business proposals within a day. I have needed a property viewed with in two hours. All of my demands are always met.
— Chef Carlos Brown
Sometimes it is hard for me to stay organized between filming, keeping up with my website and traveling. It was great to have help when I needed it, whether it was managing my calendar or corresponding with prospective clients. She is a breath of fresh air!
— Gail Bean, Actress